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    I'm a declutterer - I work with you to help let go of some of your things and put the others in order. I find new homes for almost everything you decide to let go of using #landfillasalastresort.

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    Cluttered home

    My home is too cluttered and I'd like to change that

    So many of us simply have too much stuff. If you're thinking it's about time some of your belongings found a new home, talk to me and I'll help you get started.

    Overflowing wardrobe

    My clothes don't all fit in one wardrobe and are taking over

    Too many clothes and don't know where to start? Every item brings back a memory? Talk to me and we'll work through each item one by one. The wardrobe is a good place to start, as you know what you don't like and what doesn't fit anymore.


    I'm moving house and I don't want to take all this stuff with me.

    A great time to have a clear out is when you're moving house, especially if you're downsizing. I work with people who don't want to take their clutter with them. Talk to me and we'll work towards only taking with you the things you love.

    I want a simple life

    I just want to be surrounded by things I love

    Minimalism is a strong word. But you want to live in a home where everything has its place and there's a reason for having each item, whether its for practical or sentimental reasons. Talk to me and we can work through the excess clutter.

    I want my spare room back

    My spare room isn't spare anymore, it's too full of stuff

    You have a spare room but it's the dumping ground for everything you don't have space for. You want to rent it out, or simply have that space back. Talk to me and we'll work methodically through everything in it and have it looking gorgeous.

    Big project

    I need help to empty a relative's house. Or,

    My company is moving and I'm tasked with finding homes for everything.

    If you're after a house or office clearance service, I will work with you to meet a deadline. I take things away to be recycled or sold. Any profits will be shared with you.


    Welcome to Light Style Space!

    I'm Natasha, a declutterer and personal organiser. During our sessions, I'll get personal! I’ll ask you about your denim collection, get up close and personal with your sock drawer, and we'll figure out how to decide what needs to go and what can stay.


    I can help you change your relationship with stuff and give ideas on how to live with less. I provide practical advice on how to say goodbye to things. The simpler life is, the easier it is to be content.


    I aim to donate, recycle or sell your unwanted things and pledge to use landfill only as a last resort.

  • Testimonials

    Read what my customers have to say about my service

    Moving abroad and renting the flat:

    Tasha is amazing! I was overwhelmed with the task of downsizing my items and packing up my flat for a new life abroad. She came and created a pragmatic plan, structured approach on how to climb the mountain, whilst remaining extremely sensitive and supportive in my process of deciding which items to give up. What I also loved is that she also knows where items should go - to recycling or eBay or car boots and takes care of all these arrangements. Did you know moth affected cashmere can be reused? I could not have done it without her!

    Yvonne, West Kensington

    Simple living:

    When I approached Natasha, I was FINALLY preparing to move into my first home. I’d spent nearly 2 years re-designing and refurbishing the place, and was so excited to live in it - but it was clear in my mind that I didn’t want to clutter up all that beautiful, hard work with stuff! I’d also purposely designed the home to have less storage space, and more objects out in the open, so “less and more meaningful” was my motto. After 10 years of living in London just accumulating things, I didn’t want to just send it all to landfill - being wasteful made me feel guilty. It felt so good to know that what I was giving up might be of use to someone else. The process was freeing. And it was a bonus to get back a bit of money to spend on a celebratory moving-in dinner!

    Lamia, Bermondsey

    Messy wardrobe:

    I am not missing any of the clothes Natasha helped me get rid of, and I'm enjoying having a wardrobe that isn't bursting at the seams. So funny, I can't even remember some of the things! I love how Natasha has sold them on and taken care of it all, I can rest in the knowledge that it isn't in landfill now. In terms of my relationship with clutter now - my house is pretty tidy at the mo, and I hope to stay minimalist when I move house. 

    Iona, Earlsfield

    Cluttered home:

    I live in a tiny attic flat, which was overflowing with clothes, books, paperwork, magazines, photographs, memorabilia and jewellery. Tash arrived and set about transforming it, helping me to get rid of the excess. She was very methodical, starting with the clothes which were placed on the bed and sorted through. She encouraged me to sell the good stuff that I hadn't worn for ages, give some things away to friends and take the rest to charity. The books and CDs were sorted through, about half went to charity and the rest were put back in order on the shelves. Now it looks great. What's more, I've kept it like that.

    Lindsey, Archway

    Spare room:

    When my mother died I cleared her house bringing more possessions into my home. I always became anxious on entering one room of my flat as it had become a cluttered storage space. Natasha has helped organise the space and has been a great help sorting through items to which I am emotionally attached. It is such a relief to get rid of everything she takes away. Due to my lack of time this is an ongoing project and I look forward to finally having the room back.

    Jo, Elephant & Castle

    House clearance:

    Natasha is strategic, down-to-earth, speedy, empathetic and efficient. She is also fun. I needed support clearing my great uncle's house after he had died leaving his property chockablock and me feeling rather overwhelmed. Natasha came over and helped me plan how best to get rid of everything (auction, carboot, sell online, dump). Within hours I trusted her with her own set of keys and felt I could delegate much of the decision-making to her. She makes sensible decisions, stays in touch, and boosts morale which is much needed when the task at hand is both physically and emotionally exhausting.

    Giulia, Fulham

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    I'm Natasha!

    I am a professional declutterer.

    I began my declutter journey in January 2015. It started with a pair of shoes - everyone has to start somewhere. I left my job as project manager in the graphics industry in 2016 and since then have worked with dozens of people helping them let go of things and rehoming them, while helping them live more simple, happy lives.

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    Declutter diaries

    Take a look at my blog: declutter diaries. It started as updates on progress of my passion for selling things on Ebay, when I first started selling stuff online, went on to be a bit green and eco-minded, and is now about decluttering and how it's changing my life, and hopefully yours.



    Check out my page on Instagram. It's a space to share some of the beautiful, interesting or strange things that pass through my hands on a regular basis. Share what you need to get rid of using #lightstylespace and win a free decluttering session

    And The Future?

    I'm co-founder of And The Future? a sustainability network. We send out regular newsletters with challenges and ways of living a more sustainable lifestyle, which includes, obviously, living with less, hence the decluttering.